The Kontrol team have been working closely with a $Billion global logistics company, assisting in the establishment of a new business service; providing and operating reusable folding large containers to major automotive and industrial clients, for the shipment of components to assembly and manufacturing plants.

Kontrol has been selected to power their "packaging management system", providing supply-chain visibility and control of each serially-numbered container, end-to-end. Currently Kontrol is tracking containers across Europe, Russia and Indo-China and South Africa, with other areas coming on line soon.

Kontrol was selected because it met the client's key criteria:

  • Design based on sound understanding of supply-chain logistics
  • Ease and speed of deployment
  • Internet accessibility across all browsers
  • Ease of use, minimal training and support 
  • Comprehensive functionality
  • Fee structure aligned to the client's commercial model

Locations can order replenishment supplies of containers as and when required.  The client has visibility of container stocks at each supply-chain location and a complete location history for each unique container ID.  Kontrol is handling the charge processing and providing every location with transaction-level visibility of these charges, in real-time.  

Frequent feedback from end users is Kontrol’s ease-of-use, which significantly reduces the training requirement, especially for those users based overseas. After just a five-minute online walk-through, users are up and running. Kontrol is designed to be a simple point & click process, with uncluttered screens and options restricted according to business rules.  This minimizes data input errors resulting in a clean database and minimal support requirements.