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Types of Equipment

Equipment can be medical apparatus, in-home disability aids, educational equipment, on-hire freezers and vending machines, plant and tools, manufacturing tooling, gas bottles, beer kegs, roll pallets, wood pallets, crates, totes, stillages - the list is endless!

These items, whether you class them as assets or inventory and if you have just a few or several millions, all have a value and need managing.

What are the Problems?

Kontrolâ„¢ addresses all of the problems that can arise when you're struggling to control moveable equipment, assets or any other items that are transferred between locations such as:

- Loss
- Misuse
- Misplacement
- Retrieval for inspection and repair
- Stock piling
- Stock shortage
- Traceability

Why Manage Equipment?

Using equipment efficiently and managing it effectively reduces the investment requirement and the operating costs resulting from:

- Surplus stocks
- Replacing losses
- Repairing damage
- Relocating misplaced items
- Poor maintenance
- Stock outs

Well-managed assets deliver a significantly better life-time return on investment and reduce your carbon footprint!

What is Kontrol?

For the technically minded, Kontrolâ„¢ is an "SaaS" application, accessed via the Internet, delivered over a private "Cloud".  All users record the movement of equipment on one central system, giving complete visibility across all locations, wherever they are.

Kontrol is the solution for Pallet Management, Equipment Tracking, Equipment Management, Asset Management and Asset Tracking.



What Does Kontrol Deliver?

- It's fast and responsive
- Scaleable, suits any size of operation
- Easy-to-use, simple to deploy
- Manages any type of item
- Provides KPI reporting
- Multi-language GUI
- Manual or auto-ordering
- Multi-currency charging
- Interfaces with ERP/WMS
- Serial-number and GPS tracking


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